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Really benefits!!!

Time:2012-06-16 17:05:11
1: Aluminum material

(1) All of our aluminum material are from large state-owned factory, with quality certificate for each batch.

(2) All of our aluminum material are made of 100% aluminum ingots. Never use recycle aluminum.

(3) Aluminum alloy: 6063A. Normal thickness :1.2~1.3mm.

2: Hinge

(1) we specially desgined the hinge with extra strenthing rib which can reinforce the stenth of the hinge.

(2) The hinge are all made of 2.0mm steel, it's easy to open and close.

3: Anti-slip shoes

(1) It's made of TRP(thermal plastic rubber) and processed by two-step injection moulding.

(2) The anti-slip capacity is better than other sources and Our anti-slip shoe parts never break, because We improve their toughness by special treatment.

4: Product capability.

(1) Extend,fold easily.

(2) Few shake.

(3) Rungs never be slanted by trample.

5: Certification

EN131 certificate.

6:Quality control.

(1) Each ladder must pass whole procedure inspection including product itself and packing before leaving factory.

(2) Each batch goods, We choose at least 5% of goods to pass the following test:Open ladder, then put them as platform and put 150KGS goods in the middle. After 30 hours, Check extend and fold function.

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